Power of Data Science in Everybody's Hands

Simplify Data Discovery with Natural Language Search and AI insights

Why NEURAi ?

NEURAi’s next generation Business Intelligence Platform with Cognitive Technology to make it easy for businesses to simply search and discover hidden insights with single click.

Data is messy

For many businesses, Data is difficult to access and analyze by Decision Makers who need it.

No training or SQL required

NEURAi organizes Data into Business Graph, so businesses can ask questions about their data in Plain English to get answers.

Automated Insights

Discover hidden trends and leading indicators automatically and save countless hours of manual analysis.

Incredibly Easy to use

  • Anyone can use search to get insights and build dashboards
  •  Get insights without help of a data expert for every report request
  • Ask questions in plain English with guided search experience
  • Search across your organisations data with single query

Incredibly Smart

  • NEURAi analyses all your data automatically to reveal  hidden insights
  • Find hidden patterns you never knew existed
  • Learn what is happening as well as Why it has happened
  • Discover anomalies and find  leading indicators of businesses by analyzing millions of combinations of data in seconds 

Incredibly Advanced

  • NEURAi is single platform for Business Intelligence and powerful Machine Learning
  • Advanced Data Modelling for data scientists to create, tune and train micro AI apps for internal ML applications 
  • AI insights for Data Analysts
  • Simple NLP powered data analysis for end users.

Empowering the entire Organisation


More than just Dashboards, ask Ad-hoc questions and get answers instantly.

Citizen Data Scientists

Empowers who needs the most. Helps them do Data analysis without coding.


Saves countless hours from Manual efforts. Reduces report backlog by providing more insights in less time.

Data Scientists

Models to the masses. Brings Machine Learning use cases into other business applications.

In the News

NEURAi, wins the Etihad Airways Innovation Award

StartAD names AI startup as winner of $10,000 award

Simply Search to analyze your data and get AI insights with single click