Simplify Data Discovery with Natural Language Search and AI insights

AI powered Business Intelligence platform for Insight Driven Businesses

Turn Data into Competitive Advantage

Deliver best possible customer experience by Forecasting Demand. Plan anything from supply chain to replenishment and store resources.

AI Powered Solutions

Make better Purchase decisions, replenish in time and serve more customer with less inventory. Less stock-outs and no more dead-stock. All of this in an autonomous cloud solution

Demand Forecasting

Accurate Prediction of your product demand with our cutting edge Machine Learning algorithms.


Automatic replenishment system places orders for millions of SKU's accurately for optimum stock levels


Real-time stock risk analysis to assortment and space optimisation.

Up to 90%

Prediction Accuracy*

Up to 80%

Reduction in Out-of-stock*

Up to 5%

Improved Profits*

Up to 100%

ROI in 3 months or less*

Ready to transform your Retail Business?

At NEURAi, we help Retail businesses to master the supply chain challenges they face. Indeed, the more complex the business, the higher the impact of our solutions.Contact us to know more.