Analytics that speaks Business Language

Modern organizations have enormous amounts of data, stored in disconnected systems and in confusing structures and formats. The people who rely on this data to make decisions don’t think in terms of queries, joins and data types. They think in terms of the problems their organization faces, and the steps they need to take to solve them. They need a way to ask questions about their data and get answers right away, in a language they understand.

The NEURAi Platform

NEURAi makes that possible, with analytics driven by natural language search and backed by powerful AI insights


Extract Data from disparate sources

Advanced tools for extracting data from many disparate operational data stores and unifying them in a single analytical warehouse. This includes performing automated transformations on the data to optimize it for analysis by business end-users.

Real-time Data Refresh

NEURAi automatically updates data, so you can track time-sensitive trends and see business performance as it unfolds in real time.

Data Analysis

Ask questions naturally, without training

Users can begin asking questions about their connected data instantly using natural language querying technology — no training needed. Users can search across all of their data sources at once, visualize trends, assemble reports, explore relationships, discover hidden patterns, and share insights with their teams.

Interactive Visualisations

Visualizations are interactive, enabling users to easily analyse into insights, follow leading indicators and isolate key pieces of intelligence.



NEURAi's easy collaboration make it easy to share, ensuring that the most useful data is always a search away. Members of your team can discuss each visualization to share context without jumping between different tools.


NEURAi dashboards and content are fully customizable, so users can tell stories with their data exactly the way they want.


Hidden AI Insights

NEURAi uses modern Machine Learning and advanced modeling systems to help surface useful insights in data automatically. Data problems are sometimes abstract, and it’s unclear what questions should be asked to solve them.

Advanced Data Science

More advanced users can extend the NEURAi's data platform with their own models and analyses to embed into existing business applications.


Enterprise Ready

Unlimited Scale

Distributed Architecture and in-memory computation of Apache Spark enables Peta byte scale data processing in seconds

Highly Secure

Security is built into the architecture of the NEURAi platform, enabling precision data administration and multi-level security

API Access

Embed predictive insights and Machine Learning models into existing business applications with Web Service APIs


Available with on-premise installation or run in the advanced blazing fast modern and secure cloud architecture.

Ask questions about your data and get answers instantly, in a language you understand