NEURAi Platform

We believe in the power of data. Our platform focuses years of advanced data science and AI engineering on the complex problems facing today’s Retail Businesses.

Supply Chain is an Art, So is our Platform

A powerful combination of Internal and External data, ERP integration, Big Data and cutting edge machine learning algorithms, the NEURAi platform is a power engine that gathers, analyses and delivers critical supply chain decisions daily.

The Prescriptive Analytics Engine

Welcome to the future of Advanced Analytics powered by cutting edge machine learning algorithms.

Descriptive Analytics

What happened ?
Why did it happened ?

Why did we sell so many products last month ?

Predictive Analytics

What will happen ?

How big is the demand going to be next month ?

Prescriptive Analytics

What are the effects ?
How can we make it happen ?

Where should we place the inventories in the network in the next months ?

Why NEURAi ?

Our machine learning algorithms are tuned for each retailer’s specific needs, across multiple hierarchies, product lines, and sales structures. Our algorithms become more highly tuned to your business over time, and allow you to uncover factors that drive efficiencies across the value chain.

Enterprise Ready

Total adaptability to your supply chain needs. The real benefits come from you having the freedom to focus on developing your business,

Easy Integration

NEURAi supply chain solutions are easy to integrate with your existing ERP softwares.

Petabyte Scale

Do you have 1000 stores and 1,00,000 SKU's, no problem. Our sophisticated platform handles any scale with ease and delivers best decisions daily with ease.

No upfront Investment

Our cloud based SaaS model eliminates the need to invest upfront in hard ware or any kind of licensing fees.

Would you like to learn more?

Contact us to discuss more about your goals and how our solutions could add value to your business.